XIT Cloud - VOIP Services

XIT Cloud - Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Cutting the price of Business Phone Services.

A range of plans to suit your business needs, add mobile bundles to save even more, pay as you go with extra minutes and lines – see below:

New Zealand Pricing:

  • 2talk – 2talkFree
  • Local Local Overage at 2c/min + GST** (2.3 c/min inc GST)
  • National 3 c/min + GST (3.45 c/min inc GST)
  • Mobile 19 c/min + GST (21.85 c/min inc GST)
  • 0800 National Inbound 5 c/min + GST (5.75 c/min inc GST)
  • 0800 NZ Mobile Inbound 19 c/min + GST (21.85 c/min inc GST)

Add on Pricing:

  • Additional Numbers
  • Regional Numbers: $6 + GST/mth
  • Include 2000 local call minutes, all features and increase concurrent calls by 1 count
  • DDIs: $2.50 + GST/mth
  • Include 1 channel only, no features, no local call minutes and no impact on concurrent calls provided with account
  • Toll Free: $6 + GST/mth
  • Include all 2talk features
  • Inbound to Toll Free from NZ landlines is 5c/min + GST. Inbound from NZ mobiles is 21 c/min + GST. If you have a monthly plan with applicable minutes then they can you used for toll free calls.

Additional Minutes:

Add prepay credit and purchase additional minutes as required.
You can connect your business to 2talk over the public internet. At a minimum you need a good quality broadband internet connection. If you have high call volumes you should consider a dedicated internet connection or if your location permits direct connection to 2talk.

Equipment Options:

2talk operate a BYOD policy – any SIP v2 or IAX device should work with 2talk.
If you need help getting connected please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our recommended partners.
For smaller sites ask about our 2talk Ready devices - available from resellers and 2talk direct or consider using our free softphone 2talk Connect.

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