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XIT Cloud Solutions Limited

The term cloud refers to a computer or server connected to the internet 24/7. Cloud services can range from simple file storage, backup services, email hosting or complete server and application hosting.

XIT Cloud is the only cloud provider in Christchurch that uses their own in-house servers.

We don't outsource any of our cloud hosting products, all our servers are owned, managed and serviced by XIT Cloud.

XIT Cloud is built from the ground up using the latest technology in computer hardware. We only use the best and most reliable server components sourced from a local I.T. distributor.

We believe our Cloud system is the best value for money and because our servers are based in-house we can customise any solution to the end user. We are so confident on our service that we can fully disclose our pricing, we don’t have any hidden costs or suprises.

XIT Cloud provides a VPS (Virtual private server) stored on multi-tenanted virtual environment that is fully managed.

Clients have the ability to install and run their own applications or use preinstalled applications in our virtual private server array. All applications run as if they were installed locally on your own computer but are executed and stored in the cloud.

XIT Cloud also provides corporate email services supplied by an array of Microsoft Exchange servers which is hosted within our XIT Cloud network core. This service allows users to synchronise all their email between Outlook or compatible program, smartphones and or tablets.

Our XIT Cloud VPS’s entire are backed up a minimum of three times per day plus offsite backups to Microsoft Azure.

XIT Cloud does not have any limitations with regards to the amount of data or devices you can connect and we operate on a flat cost of per user charge rather than a cost based on data usage.

XIT Cloud not only provides VPS services, we can also provide you with access to Cloud based Voice-over IP systems (VOIP), if it’s an in-house system or cloud based system we can provide you a solution for your business to save money.


Tap the power of Cloud today by harnessing a expert XIT Cloud solution. 

Please contact us today for ALL your cloud computing requirements.

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